New Course Starts 17 January 2022 - Veterinary Ultrasound for Complete Beginners: THE BASICS

Dick White Referrals

Dick White Referrals have started a series of webinars during Coronavirus lock-down – some of which are ultrasound relevant.

Abdominal biopsy techniques

Musculoskeletal ultrasound of the dog and cat

Diagnostic imaging: where there’s blood there’s a way – what imaging can tell us about congenital and acquired vascular disease.

Abdominal and Thoracic point of care ultrasound (POCUS)

Today’s Veterinary Practice 

They have a lot of articles with lots of pictures of ultrasound from Basic to aTour of the abdomen.




IMV-Imaging has a wealth of short videos and articles on its website.  Here are the one’s I think are particularly good.

Basic abdominal ultrasound

Advanced abdominal ultrasound

FAST scanning.

They also have a clinical library where you can find many examples of conditions.


VetGirl has a great YouTube channel, which includes an informative video of an aFAST scan.

The Webinar Club

The Webinar Club has a webinar on Knobology which is very useful you just have to sign up as a silver member (free) and then there are a few free webinars available.  Also updating your image.


Sonopath has some articles on the pursuit of the pancreas, no adrenal gland left behind. (along with a video) and Veterinary reproductive clinical sonography.


CEVA have some useful webinars on:

Canine DCM

Valvular disease and DCM

Echocardiography common views.

Human POCUS 101

Human POCUS 101 has gone through some basic physics and knobology in this useful blog.