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Ultrasound Podcasts

I know what you’re thinking – Ultrasound is very much a visual thing – how can you do a podcast on it?

Well, there’s plenty to talk about on the subject of ultrasound, so I’ve picked my favourite podcasters to entice you into the world of ultrasound themed podcasts.


Podcasts with Camilla

On this podcast I have a chat with Ben Sweeney on Vet Chat from the Webinar Vet chatting about the ups and downs of a career which has led me create FOVU


The RVC has accumulated over a hundred podcasts on lots of different subjects, and it's in an easy to listen to conversational style – but the following are my favourite ultrasound related topics.

Another really useful podcast from them that helped me a lot with my CertAVP was Clinical reasoning with Jill Maddison, who also wrote the very helpful book – Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice

I've listened to all of these (some of them multiple times when I was revising for my CertAVP) and found them incredibly useful and "listenable" too.


IMV-imaging have brought out a podcast – Focal Point

Non-ultrasound Podcasts which I enjoy

Veterinary leadership – I also like the Blunt Dissection podcasts which Dr Dave Nicol does along with Freewheeling.

Leadership – Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win and Focus on This is really good leadership/productivity podcasts

By the way, my dog Pippi looks like she’s sitting beautifully for the picture of her with headphones on for this blog – but this was her seconds before!