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The Gallbladder, Spleen & Intestines 


For Veterinary professionals who want to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can actively and confidently scan their patients.


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Learn actionable skills that you can use straight away.



Increase your confidence and self-belief with scanning.




Enhance your role by expanding your skills and knowledge in ultrasound. 

I feel better equipped to know where and how to look for things. 


Ultrasonography is an essential skill that can be life-saving, and guess what...FUN TOO!


I'm Camilla and I used to feel like you...


A lack of awareness of ultrasound machines, unsure what probe to use, confused by poor images and worried about a limited knowledge of the numerous differential diagnoses.


Then after falling in love with ultrasound and enrolling on numerous ultrasound courses I decided to create online courses for vets and veterinary nurses to deepen and elevate their ultrasound knowledge and scanning confidence


I want to encourage all veterinary technicians to get comfortable with the basics of ultrasound by providing easy-to-access online courses that include relevant training that they can apply immediately at work so that you can actively and confidently participate in all aspects of veterinary ultrasound.


Camilla is an excellent teacher. Clear explanations and very informative.

A really useful course.

Camilla is a great teacher who breaks things down so that it is easy to understand. Very well explained and systematic. 

I learned so much. 

Useful information, provided in a concise and clear way. Such a good course to get to grips with the basics of scanning.

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